Manuscript and Text Cultures is committed to making its publications freely available under the terms of the less restrictive Creative Commons licenses (our current choice is Attribution ShareAlike 4.0). Therefore, it is not necessary to subscribe simply to gain access to the Journal contents. However, subscription entails additional benefits. Subscribers will receive paper copies of the current issues of the Journal. In addition, they will become Associate Members of the Centre for Manuscript and Text Cultures, the Oxford-based institution operating the Journal. In this quality, they are entitled to benefit from the academic opportunities offered by the Centre. In particular, Associate Members can nominate themselves to become guest editors of future Journal issues. They can also submit proposals for offline workshops and conferences to be hosted at the Centre for Manuscript and Text Cultures in Oxford.

The price of a subscription and Associate Membership for 2023 is £30 for individual and £60 for institutional members, respectively. This includes a print copy of the second volume of the journal that will be released in the second half of 2023 (the first volume is designed for online access). To become an Associate Member for 2023, please proceed to the Oxford University Stores website.

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